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Looking After Wildlife

From the birds that visit our gardens to the deer we sometimes spot in the woods, there is wonderful wildlife around us everywhere. I want to show you how we can all do our bit to look after the wildlife around us, so here are my top four ways to help look after our animal friends.

Five steps to reduce your carbon footprint

I’m back with another blog and this time, I’ll be telling you all about the ways you can reduce your carbon footprint! We have joined more than 200 councils across the UK in declaring a climate emergency which means we are all making plans and taking steps to reduce carbon emissions and become carbon neutral. Everybody has a carbon footprint and there are small steps you can take reduce yours. I’ve put together five ideas to help get you started!

All you need to know about hedgehog hibernation

It’s nearly time for our hedgehog friends to go into hibernation for the winter. That means that they’ll find somewhere cosy to settle down and ‘sleep’ away the cold months! Even when hedgehogs are supposed to be hibernating, there are still things we can do to lend a helping hand. In her blog, Hester the Hedgehog tells you all about hibernation and what you can do to help.  

What is hibernation for hedgehogs?

Return of the hedgehogs

This month's blog comes from my good friend Hester the Hedgehog at ECDCWatch! See what she has to say below.

After a nice long sleep over the winter, it’s nearly time for me and my hedgehog friends to come out of hibernation! With the temperatures taking their time to warm up, we need some help to prepare for the breeding season. Read my top tips on how to help my fellow friends at this time of year.

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