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Aedis Regulatory Services (Posted 23.7.2019)

East Cambridgeshire District Council has been made aware that Aedis Regulatory Services (trading as Aedis) has gone into liquidation and no longer possesses the required professional indemnity insurance and public liability insurance cover to directly provide their Approved Inspector role. These insurances are essential when undertaking the building control element of building work/projects.

What this means

Where the Approved Inspector is no longer able to carry out that function and the work has not commenced the Initial Notice will need to be cancelled in the first instance to allow another approved body, such as your local authority building control team, to undertake the regulatory work. The cancellation notice can either be submitted by the Approved Inspector or by the person carrying out the work. The person carrying out the works must submit a Reversion application form.
There are a variety of reasons why an Approved Inspector may no longer be willing or able to carry out their function under the legislation. One such reason is where the Approved Inspector does not have the correct insurance as required under the legislation. Where the approved inspector does not have a valid insurance in place they will be unable to continue functioning as a Building Control provider and will be unable to issue a Final Certificate for the works. If you are concerned as to whether the Approved Inspector you are using has the required insurance, you can check with the governing body for Approved Inspectors (CICAIR) using the following link: 
Please note that a person failing to submit, without reasonable excuse, a cancellation notice, in the case of an Approved Inspector no longer being able to carry out their building control function, is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale. If you need to make a Reversion Application you will need to complete and submit the reversion application form to the Local Authority.
The application form should be accompanied by:
  • Plans and construction details showing the proposed works and any elements of the construction already in place that deviate from these plans.
  • Any specialist designs (for example, structural engineers calculations, specialist ventilation designs and so on)
  • A copy of any inspection notes from the Approved Inspector previously used.
On receipt and registration of the application a Surveyor will contact you to discuss the works, advise you of the fee required and organise a site visit. (Please note, the fee will be based on cost recovery only)
If you wish to discuss the application further, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 01353 616208