Public Question Time Scheme

Most, but not all, Council and Committee meetings are included in the Public Question Time scheme.

You can participate in various ways:

  • Attend the meeting and place your written question/statement in the Public Question Box;
  • Send in your question/statement, by post email or fax, to Democratic Services before the meeting.

The questions will be removed from the Public Question Box randomly and will then be put to the meeting.  If you have submitted a question, and are in attendnace, you will be asked to read the question out, if you wish. The Chairman may answer directly or refer it to an officer to answer. If the question needs a more detailed answer a written reply will be provided later. So do not forget to give us your details so the written reply can be forwarded to you.

Usually, a maximum of 15 minutes is allowed to take and answer public questions.  Any questions left in the Public Question Box after this time will receive a written answer later.

Public Question Time leaflet


N.B. Planning Committee, Licensing Committee and Licensing Sub-Committee Hearings are not included in this scheme, as they have their own Public Speaking schemes.