Ely Shopmobility Scheme

**Please Note - Shop Mobility is unavailable until further notice owing to Covid-19**

A free service for anyone who finds it difficult to get about town

Shopmobility is a scheme to provide electrically powered scooters and manual wheelchairs to help people who have limited mobility - through permanent or temporary disablement, accident, illness, or pregnancy - to shop and use the other facilities in Ely. The service must be pre-booked.

Who do I contact to make a booking?

To ensure that suitable aid is available, telephone the Ely City Ranger at the Tourist Information Centre, Thursday to Saturday, on 07719 980502

Where do I collect from?

Collection is from behind the East Cambridgeshire Diustrict Council Offices.

Where can I park?

There are parking spaces for people using Shopmobility at the Council Offices.

How much will it cost?

There is no charge for using the mobility aids, however positive identification of name and address is required - a driver's licence or utility bill, for example - before a mobility aid will be issued.


On collection a member of staff will ask you for proof of identity. You will also be required to sign a simple form for insurance purposes.

If you are unfamiliar with using an electically powered scooter or wheelchair, a member of staff will show you how it works. When you are both confident and happy, off you go. At the end of your visit return the equipment to the Centre by the time agreed - it's as simple as that.