Public Events Advice - Enhanced Response Status

From 1 November 2021 Cambridge and Peterborough have moved into an 'Enhanced Response Area' (ERA) due to the rising rate of infections, particularly in our older population. This increase, coupled with low vaccination rates in some parts of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough means pressure is building on our local health services. This is exacerbated by increased levels of Covid-19 infections in the general population, and staff being unable to work because they are infected or isolating. If unchecked, this will also impact on health care for other non-Covid needs, therefore, the public health advice for all events being held during the ERA status is as follows:

Legal requirement

Complete a risk assessment which includes the Covid risks (this can be as part of the normal Health and Safety risk assessment and/or Event Management Plan). For the indoor part of the event, please note any indoor area needs sufficient ventilation. You need to assess the level of ventilation in indoor spaces, as per the HSE guidance, and include that in your risk assessment. A simple ventilation toolkit can be found on the Breathe Freely website.

Strongly recommended

As we are now in an enhanced response area we strongly recommend:

  1. that you use the NHS Covid Pass system as per Government guidance for events
  2. face coverings to be worn by staff and attendees indoors and in crowded areas outside, on public transport (including for transport arranged for attendees e.g. coaches, taxis, and/or car sharing)
  3. set up the event to enable social distancing
  4. if any attendee shows symptoms of Covid, they should not attend
  5. staff and attendees should carry out laternal flow testing prior to the event and for 4-5 days after the event
  6. the use of the NHS QR code to help trace and stop the spread of Covid
  7. regular and frequent clearning of high frequency touch points
  8. regular hand washing and the provision of hand sanitisers at all events
  9. make Covid safe arrangements for any food and drink offered during the event
  10. continued use of Covid safe messages, posters, etc. reminding attendees to take common sense precautions. e.g. wear face coverings, keep socially distanced, wash hands etc. including online messaging via the event organisers website encouraging vaccine uptake (both Covid and Flu vaccines) and covid testing.