What to do in an Emergency - General Advice

If you find yourself in the middle of an emergency it is important to:

  • Call 999 if people are injured or if there is a threat to life
  • Follow the advice of local emergency responders
  • Try to remain calm and think before acting and try to reassure others
  • Do not put yourself or others in unnecessary danger
  • Try to get to a safe place if possible, this may not be your home
  • Check for injuries – remember to attend to yourself before attempting to help others

If you are not involved in the incident, but are close by or believe you may be in danger in most cases the advice is to:

  • Go inside a safe building and stay away from doors and windows
  • Stay inside until you are advised to do otherwise
  • Tune in to local radio, TV or internet news channels. Local emergency responders (e.g. Police and Fire Services) will use these to give you information about the situation.  In addition the District Council will provide information updates on its web pages.  Under certain circumstances, the police and/or the District Council may also establish an emergency hotline number and this will be advertised in the local media.