Crematorium Climate Change Implications

The adopted Environment and Climate Change Strategy of the Council sets out that growth must be balanced with environmental protection and this has been at the heart of the development of the crematorium project. The project will constitute sustainable growth for the following reasons:
  • The proposed development will make use of a previously developed site, be fully compliant with the East Cambridgeshire Local Plan, Supplementary Planning Documents and the National Planning Policy Framework and comply with the current planning designation for community use
  • The project through its design and inclusion of an electric cremator, largely powered by renewable energy, will fit with the Council’s Vision 2050 to deliver net zero carbon emissions and protect a key biodiversity and environmental asset in the District. Specifically, it will provide a very low carbon service to support ‘one planet living’ and support East Cambridgeshire communities and biodiversity to adapt to a changing climate
  • There will be very limited carbon emissions from the crematorium and other buildings through the design of the buildings. Specifically, the plant and equipment and use of renewable energy will meet 74% of the annual energy requirements of these buildings, from March through to October
  • The project includes detailed proposals for the development and future management of the biodiversity on the site to protect the unique environment that exists

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