Preferred Development Site

The Mepal site is proposed for the development for the following reasons:
  • The site is readily accessible by road.
  • The site has a planning designation of COM3 – Community Facility usage.
  • Crematoria have to situated at least 100 metres away from residential properties.
  • Being owned by the Council, it would reduce the overall capital costs for the project.
  • The detailed site survey and appraisal work carried out has confirmed that the Mepal site is a very good option for development and would create a unique site for a crematorium while protecting and enhancing the biodiversity of the area. Subject to the following:
    • The cremation building is located on the site of the existing buildings, (with the chapel being elevated to obtain views of the lake). This will allow the project to be more cost effective 
    • Natural burials will be limited to 20 per annum. This is based on the completed ground water monitoring and groundwater quality assessment.
The summary of conditions for the Mepal site that have an impact on the development proposals which are based on survey work carried out by appropriately qualified consultants is available to view below:


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