Advice for Businesses and Employers

The Government has published extensive advice on the steps that businesses and citizens may need to take to prepare for Brexit. Businesses and the wider public should visit to access the information they need.

The Government is also helping people and businesses prepare for a 'no deal' scenario. Action to date includes:

  • Publishing guidance for businesses on processes and procedures at the border in a 'no deal' scenario.
  • Contacting 145,000 businesses who trade with the EU, telling them to start getting ready for no deal customs procedures.
  • Advising hundreds of ports, traders, pharmaceutical firms and other organisations that use the border about potential disruption so they can get their supply chains ready.
  • Publishing a paper on citizens' rights, giving people clarity on their future.
  • Making £8m available to help private customs intermediaries and traders increase their capacity and train employees to prepare for a 'no deal' scenario.
The Government has also published an Employer Toolkit to give employers the right tools and information to support EU citizens and their families to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme.  You can use the Employer Toolkit to explain the scheme to your employees and download the ready-to-use leaflets and posters.
HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) published a collection of guidance for traders that are not registered for VAT  and what they need to do in a 'No Deal' scenario. They have also announced the extension of Transitional Simplified Procedures  for importing businesses.