Coronavirus Vaccinations

Third Vaccine

A third dose is available for people with severely weakened immune systems, this is not a booster vaccine.


A booster dose is now available for pre-booking for people who had their second dose more than 3 months ago.


Everybody over the age of 18 can now book their Covid-19 vaccination.
Vaccines can be given in some hospitals, pharmacies, GP surgeries and at vaccination centres.
NHS staff are doing an incredible job to deliver what is the largest vaccination programme in our history, at the same time as continuing to be there for everyone who needs care.

You can really help the NHS deliver this effectively to those who need it most. Their asks are:

  • Please attend your booked appointments at exactly the time you are asked to, so that we can avoid lengthy queues;
  • and whether you have had your vaccine or not, please continue to follow all the guidance in place to control the virus and save lives.