Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch is a scheme set up in a street - or even an entire village - that aims to reduce crime and address other community problems. Each member of a scheme is asked to take care of their property, keep an eye on their area, looking out for anyone or any thing that is out of place, and reporting this to neighbours and where necessary, the Police. Crime information is also passed from the Police to Neighbourhood Watch Scheme Co-ordinators, who then pass these messages to the scheme members for the appropriate action to be taken.

The East Cambridgeshire Neighbourhood Watch Association covers East Cambridgeshire District. It encourages the setting up of Neighbourhood Watch Schemes and assists the police in distributing information to the schemes. The Association is run by the co-ordinators of the various schemes throughout the District and holds regular meetings within the Council Chamber at Ely. All members of the schemes are invited and encouraged to attend. The chairman is Mr Stan Geering and the secretary is:

Mr Kevin Evans, 11 King Edgar Close, Ely, CB6 1DP
Tel: 01353 614892

Neighbourhood Watch information can be obtained from Miss Sue Loaker, Crime Reduction Officer, at Ely Police Station who can be contacted on 01353 656641, or from Kevin Evans (details above).

Alternatively information can be obtained from the national Neighbourhood Watch website and from the East Cambs Neighbourhood Watch Association website

For details of the role of Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator please access the document below: