Sustainability and Climate Change

Climate change is set to be an issue that will dominate the 21st Century.  The scale of the issue will affect the entire globe, but many of the effects will be felt, and ultimately managed, on a local scale. The impacts of climate change will not only affect an individual’s health and home, but also how local communities operate.   

This means that as ECDC has a responsibility for the wellbeing of local communities, it will need to be proactive in planning how our policies and our services will reduce CO2 levels and adapt effectively to a changing climate.  

As part of this commitment, the Council is developing a set of web resources that address some of the climate change and sustainability issues in East Cambridgeshire and beyond.

Over the next few months, we will be working on adding more material to this section.

Currently, you can find:

In the future, we hope to add more details about:

  • What you or your organisation can do to tackle Climate Change and improve your sustainability
  • Where you can get help and resources
  • What the Council is doing to tackle Climate Change
  • A way to find out about the latest events, news, ideas and activities relating to Climate Change and Sustainability.

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