Benefit Fraud

Benefit fraud is falsely claiming money from the Government. Typically, defrauding a Government by falsely claiming state help or money.

Types of fraud that are committed are where people claim they are living alone, but are living with other people and do not give information on them. Or people do not give details of all their income or capital.

How do I report someone who is committing Benefit Fraud?

We take our responsibility to stop benefit fraud seriously, and adopt an approach that includes prevention, detection and, when appropriate, punishment.

If you know of anyone cheating the system, please help by ringing to speak to a trained Benefit investigator:


This is the National Benefit Fraud Hotline and the service is free if you call from a landline.  An answer machine is also available to take calls received out of office hours.

Alternatively, you can report an allegation of fraud to Anglia Revenues Partnership direct by emailing

Please provide as much information as possible, stating the individual's name, address, and details of the allegation.

Anglia Revenues Partnership runs this service on behalf of East Cambridgeshire District Council.  The Anglia Revenues Partnership (ARP) is currently made up of Breckland Council Revenues Services, Forest Heath District Council Revenue Services and East Cambs District Council Revenue Services who are working together to provide a quality Council Tax, Business Rates and Benefits Service for all our residents.

For more information on Benefit Fraud, visit the Anglia Revenues Partnership website.