Semi-Permanent Skin Colouring

Semi-permanent skin colouring is a generalisation for micropigmentation, semi-permanent makeup and temporary tattooing. The skin colouring is inserted into a persons skin without breaching the skin's outer layer (the epidermis), this effect is said to last for three to five years.

If you wish to carry out semi-permanent skin colouring you must be registered with the Council. It is illegal to carry out semi-permanent skin colouring without registering.

Applicants will need to register both themselves and the premises that they work from.

On receipt of an application, an inspection of the premises, facilities and equipment will be made to ensure that the Councils byelaws are met. Subject to a satisfactory inspection a certificate of registration will be granted.

The current application fee is £182.00 for a person registration and £182.00 for premises registration.