Supplementary Planning Documents

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) are prepared by the Council to support the Local Plan, inform the delivery of infrastructure and to aid applicants in preparing successful development proposals.  Following public consultation and adoption by the Council, SPDs become a material consideration in determining planning applications.

Draft Supplementary Planning Documents 

We have consulted on a draft Climate Change Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).  The six week consultation started on 13 October 2020 and ended on 23 November 2020. A copy of the draft SPD, Consultation Notice and Consultation Statement is avilable to view below;

We are now considering all the comments sent to us. The SPD will be amended taking into account the comments received during the consultation period.  An updated Consultation Statement for the SPD will also be published.  This will outline all the comments that we have received and the Council's response to these comments, including any changes to the SPD document.  An updated Consultation Statement will also be published on our website at the same time as the adopted versions of the Climate Change SPD and the Adoption Notice. 

Adopted Supplementary Planning Documents

The following SPDs have been adopted by East Cambridgeshire District Council and are a material consideration in determining planning applications.

Bell Road, Bottisham Masterplan Interim Policy GuidanceThe Masterplan provides guidance on the development of the land off Bell Road, Bottisham site identified in the Council's Local Plan.  The Masterplan and consultation statement are available to view:
Contaminated LandThe SPD provides guidance on submitting planning applications for the development of land that may be contaminated:
County Wildlife SitesThis SPD was produced to provide an updated register of County Wildlife Sites for the purpose of informing the planning process:
Developer ContributionsThe Council collects uses developer contributions to fund necessary infrastructure to support new development.  The SPD explains the circumstances in which developers will be required to make contributions:
Design GuideThe Design Guide SPD sets out principles and requirements to ensure new development delivers good design:
North Ely SPDSets out special planning requirements for the development of a new community at North Ely.
Renewable Energy (Commercial Scale) SPD

The Renewable Energy (Commercial Scale) SPD provides guidance on the District Council's approach to larger 'standalone' renewable energy schemes which are of a commercial scale.

The Renewable Energy Commercial Scale SPD together with the adoption statement and consultation statement are available to view:

Shop Fronts Design GuideThe SPD provides guidance on undertaking works to, or development of, shop fronts:
Conservation Area Appraisal Supplementary Planning DocumentsThe Council has prepared a number of Conservation Area Appraisals.  These appraisals have been adopted as Supplementary Planning Documents to support the Council in preserving and enhancging the distinctive and special characteristics of the area's conservation areas:
Community-Led Development SPD

The SPD sets out East Cambridgeshire District Council’s approach to community-led development proposals. It is aimed at local communities, Parish Councils and landowners, and seeks to provide people with a better understanding of how planning applications for community-led development proposals may be assessed by the Council.

The Community-Led Development SPD together with the adoption statement and consultation statement are available to view:

Cambridgeshire Flood and Water Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

East Cambridgeshire District Council adopted the Cambridgeshire Flood and Water Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) on 16 November 2016. The Flood and Water SPD was prepared by Cambridgeshire County Council in partnership with Cambridge, East Cambridgeshire, Fenland, Huntingdonshire and South Cambridgeshire District/City Councils, the Environment Agency, Anglian Water, and the Internal Drainage Boards.

The SPD provides guidance for developers and applicants on managing flood risk and the water environment in and around new developments. The contents of the SPD expand upon the flood risk and water management policies contained within the adopted and emerging Local Plans.

Custom and Self- Build Housing SPD


This SPD provides guidance to large scale developers who are obliged to meet the Local Plan policy to provide self-build plots in a development consisting of 100 dwellings or more. The SPD also provides useful advice for individuals, groups or Community Land Trusts (or similar) that may be interested in providing and developing self-build plots.  Parishes that are interested in including self-build plots in their Neighbourhood Plans may also find this SPD useful.  

Natural Environment SPD


This SPD sets out the Council's approach to the natural environment and provides advice on policy requirements relating to issues such as: 'net gain' in biodiversity through development proposals, protection of existing nature sites, protection and provision of trees, and supporting the Council's position in relation to the recently adopted Local Nature Partnership vision to 'double land for nature' by 2050 across Cambridgeshire.