Planning Committee 05.05.2021

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  • Planning Committee


05/05/2021 - 13:00


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Venue - Please note   

Due to the introduction of restrictions on gatherings of people by the Government due to the Covid-19 outbreak, this meeting will be conducted remotely facilitated using the Zoom video conferencing system. There will be no access to the meeting at the Council Offices, but there will be public speaking in accordance with the Council's Public Speaking at Planning Committee Scheme. Details of the public speaking and public viewing arrangements for this meeting are detailed in the Notes box at the end of the Agenda.

A live stream of the meeting will be available on YouTube for public viewing at:                                                    

Zoom meeting privacy notice

East Cambridgeshire District Council use the Zoom video platform to conduct remote Council meetings.

Zoom may collect information including IP address, device details and operating system details.  When you use Zoom, some data will be disclosed to other participants and to meeting or webinar hosts. For instance, when you attend a meeting, your name might appear in the attendee list. If you turn on your video camera, your image will be shown. If you send a chat or share content, that can be viewed by others in the chat or the meeting.

For more information, please see Zoom’s Privacy Policy:

Public Speaking is allowed at Planning Committee meetings.  

Late Submissions - late submissions must be received before 1pm on the Monday preceding the Planning Committee meeting.

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