Ecology and Biodiversity


Protected species are a material consideration in the planning process. Information about the presence of protected species will be required before an application can be determined (surveys cannot be conditioned as part of a planning consent).

You can view and search for more information on ecology and biodiversity within the District by visiting the Cambridge & Peterborough Environmental Records Centre.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide any necessary surveys or ecological assessments and these should be undertaken by a suitably qualified expert. It is important to remember that some surveys can only be carried out at specific times of the year. You can check the guide below for the optimal survey times.

More information on the requirements for planning applications is available in the Standing Advice for Protected Species


Protected habitats should also be given consideration when proposing new development. Cambridgeshire County Council has produced a Biodiversity Checklist (pdf) and Biodiversity Guidance Notes (pdf) which provides more information on habitats for developers.

Developers will be expected to demonstrate how their proposal, small or large, has considered nature conservation and biodiversity and wherever possible we would expect to see existing features retained and opportunities for new features to be created.