Planning Committee

Planning Committee is normally held on the first Wednesday of the month at the Council offices and is a public meeting. More information is available in the guidance leaflet: Your Planning Service: Planning Committee (pdf).

Use of video conferencing to hold Council and Committee meetings during the Coronavirus (covid-19) crisis

Since the introduction of restrictions on gatherings of people by the Government in March 2020 it has not been possible to hold standard face to face public meetings.  This led to a temporary suspension of all meetings.

The Coronavirus Act 2020 now has been implemented, however, and in Regulations made under Section 78 it gives local authorities (including Parish Councils) the power to hold meetings without it being necessary for any of the participants or audience to be present together in the same room.

It is the intention of the Council to hold Council meetings for the foreseeable future as online meetings, using the Zoom video conferencing system. This system is simple for members of the public to access, as well as for participants under the Council’s Public Speaking and Public Question Time Schemes for meetings.

During meetings, the participants can be seen and heard by members of the public. Members of the public registered to speak will be will be muted, and may have their video setting turned off, unless they are asked to participate by the Chairman, in accordance with one of the Council’s Public Speaking or Public Question Time Schemes for meetings.  Members of the public wishing to view the Planning Committee meeting but do not wish to register to speak will be able to view via a live stream.  The link for this is available on the relevant Committee Meeting date page ( where the Agenda can also be found .  

Agendas for meetings in a format to reflect the new remote meetings arrangements, will continue to be published on the Council’s website Details of the Council’s Public Speaking and Public Question Time Schemes also are available on this website.

You and your agent (if relevant) will be notified if your application is 'called-in' to planning committee. If you have commented on a planning application you will also be notified if it is going to be considered at committee, your comments will be summarised and included with the agenda papers.

Planning Committee, like Officers, can only consider material planning issues when determining applications. More information is available on the Material Planning Considerations section of this website

You are able to view Current Planning Committee Members as well as meeting dates & times/agendas and minutes of previous meetings.

Attending or Speaking at Planning Committee

Anyone is welcome to watch proceedings via the live stream.

It is possible for members of the public to speak at planning committee.  If you would like to speak for or against an application, you must register to do so.

You can register by emailing the Democratic Services Team (no later than 10am the last working day before the meeting)