East Cambridgeshire District Council freeze station parking fees


Following the news of increases in Greater Anglia’s station car parks, East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) has reiterated its commitment to freezing parking fees in nearby council-run station parks for at least another year.
Earlier this week, Greater Anglia increased its car parking charges including Ely Railway Station.
The council-run car parks that benefit from this freeze in East Cambridgeshire are at Angel Drove and The Dock in Ely and Littleport Station. The charges in Ely are £3 per day (24 hours) or £12 per week (seven days). This compares to £7 per day and £38 per week at the NCP operated station car park. 
An annual parking ticket for Angel Drove and The Dock is £506 whereas Network Rail charge £1,050 for a standard season ticket or £1,500 for a premier season ticket at Ely Railway Station.
Chairman of the Asset Development Committee, Councillor Bill Hunt, said: 
“This really shows how the district council supports its local working residents and that East Cambridgeshire is open for business.
“The money charged in our car parks goes towards car parking costs like insurance, business rates, lighting etc.
“We have published our draft 2019/20 budget so it is planned that the freeze will be in place until at least April 2020. The May 2019 elections will determine the prices beyond that. The current administration confirms its belief that free parking in the city centre is a vital part of the city’s "life blood".
"We consider the car parks in our district are a public-owned asset for the benefit of the people not a "cash cow".”