Fresh new look for local car park


A car park in Ely is set to have new replacement hedges planted following a consultation in 2018. 
Newnham Street Car Park currently have large cypress trees along the boundary fence and will be receiving native hazel hedges in replacement of the trees from January 2019.
The cypress trees have caused a variety of issues as their large branches overhang excessively into the Atrium Club’s parking area. 
A consultation was released earlier in the year to ask residents for their comments on the proposed tree work and no objections were raised. 
In total, eight cypress trees will be removed in January and replacement planting will be completed shortly afterwards. 
Councillor Lis Every, planning champion for East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “We make it our priority to ensure residents get a say whenever possible, especially when we need to make an important decision like this. 
“We’re thrilled with the response from the consultation and we’re happy that residents feel the same way as the council with regards to the cypress trees. 
“I look forward to seeing a healthier landscape with beautiful trees in Newnham Street.”
This follows the successful replacement of a row of mature cypress trees in 2002 which were similarly along a boundary fence next to the Atrium Club. 
Six car parking bays will close for approximately four days while the tree work is taking place. 
For more information on tree landscaping in the district, visit East Cambridgeshire District Council’s website: