Guilty plea in court to two offences relating to fly-tipping


An Ely resident has pleaded guilty to two incidents of fly-tipping.

Naomi Nunn, who lives in Allen Road, appeared before Cambridge magistrates court, issued the plea during a court hearing held on Thursday 25th April.

The first incident related to carrier bags being dumped on Allen Road on 21st August in which Miss Nunn took full responsibility for.

It was noted that Miss Nunn specified that she only left carrier bags, not the pillow, mop bucket, pizza boxes and drink bottles that were left at the scene.

The second incident on 6th December was also related to carrier bags of rubbish being left on Allen Road.

Miss Nunn however stated that she did not put the baby changing mat or nappies out that were also found.

Magistrates issued a fine of £320 in respect of both offences.

A fixed penalty notice was initially sent to Miss Nunn in August, however the council received no response. Following the second incident in December, further communication was relayed from the council to Miss Nunn.

With there being no response from Miss Nunn, the matter was referred for court action.

Liz Knox, Environmental Services Manager at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said:

“Public safety is hugely important to the council and in this case, there was risk in the manner in which the waste was dumped on Allen Road.

“There was also a risk to Miss Nunn, who had included personal information in the waste which could have led to identity fraud.

“The court urged Miss Nunn to be more careful in the future.

“For the protection of both the public and Miss Nunn, we had to take legal action.

“All residents of the district must comply with fly-tipping laws or be prepared to face the consequences.”


For more information on the illegal dumping of waste, visit the East Cambridgeshire District Council website