Community Transport

Community Transport

Need to get somewhere, but there is no bus service from your area or you can’t use it because of health or mobility problems? Then you need a local solution that is better tailored to your needs. Community transport fills the gaps left by conventional public transport services. Basically it is there to help anyone who is unable to use “normal” buses because of health or mobility problems, but also if there is no service in your area or it doesn’t go to where you need to be at the time or on the day that you need.

There are two different types of community transport scheme in East Cambridgeshire; these are Dial-a-Ride services and community car schemes

Dial-a-Ride services are like a flexible bus service, using fully accessible minibuses and picking up passengers at their own homes. To use a dial a ride scheme you may need to pay a modest annual membership fee and book your place in advance of when you want to travel. There are three Dial-a-Ride schemes in the district. Concessionary bus pass holders pay half fare on all three services.

East Cambs Connect


Telephone: (01353) 612699

East Cambs Connect is  new bookable, flexible, door to door, mini bus service for EVERYONE living, working and visiting East Cambridgeshire who can’t access scheduled bus services to where they want to go – which started on Monday 3 April 2017.

The service is managed by Cambridgeshire County Council who has contracted ESACT to run the service Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm. The telephone booking line has been available from Monday 20 March – Monday to Friday from 9am to 1pm.

You need to book at least a day in advance. Tel No. 01353 612699 email:

More information is available from the information leaflet.

Cost per single journey £4 for adults £2 for children. If you show your concessionary bus pass the cost for a single journey  is £2.

Please be aware that you may not be taken directly to you destination – like a normal taxi service. Passengers may be picked up and dropped off along route. Some passengers may have disabilities and take longer to alight and disembark. You will be picked up and dropped off at appropriately your requested time. If you have a specific appointment, please allow extra time, in case of any delays on route.

Currently, the mini-buses don’t have a distinctive “East Cambs Connect” livery, so you will need to look out for an ESACT bus like this:

Please note: the service is likely to be busy around 07:00-09:00 hrs in the morning and between 15:00-17:00 hrs during the afternoon.

ESACT (Ely and Soham Association for Community Transport)


Telephone: (01353) 661161

ESACT is a registered charity in the East Cambs Area which offers a door-to-door service for people who cannot access local bus routes due to age and disability, people living in rural locations with limited or no access to local bus routes or those without access to a car. You must be a member of ESACT to use the service.

  • Covers the area around Ely, Littleport, Soham, Haddenham and Isleham
  • Provides regular services
  • Use to go shopping, visit friends, local medical appointments, clubs and to connect with other transport services
  • Friendly drivers will help you where needed, including carrying your shopping to your front door.
  • Regular excursion programme to a wide range of destinations
  • Group hire available for community groups, including a self hire minibus

Newmarket Dial-a-Ride


  • Covers the area around Newmarket
  • Use to go shopping, visit friends, medical appointments, connect with other transport services
  • Friendly drivers will help you where needed, including carrying your shopping to your front door.
  • Regular excursion programme to a wide range of destinations

Community Car Schemes

There are also a number of community car schemes operating in the district. These schemes provide people with a door-to-door lift for essential journeys, driven by a volunteer using their own car. The passenger pays a contribution to the fuel and running costs of the car.   Lifts are provided to appointments (e.g. to the surgery or hospital, optician and dentist), plus helping with visiting friends and relatives in hospital and going shopping.   Friendly drivers will help you where needed, including carrying your shopping to your front door.

Name of scheme

Area covered

Contact number

Burwell Village Help


01638 742543

East Cambs Social Car Service

Aldreth, Black Horse Drove, Coveney, Ely, Haddenham, Littleport, Little Downham, Mepal, Prickwillow, Pymore, Soham, Stretham, Sutton, Upware, Wardy Hill, Wilburton, Witcham, and Witchford

01353 666553

Three Rivers Car Scheme

Isleham, Fordham, Chippenham, Snailwell, and Kennett

07549 892322


Newmarket area car scheme

Fordham, Burwell, the Swaffhams, Dullingham, Stetchworth, Ashley and Cheveley.

01638 608049

Shopmobility schemes

Need help to get around town? Shopmobility schemes lend manual wheelchairs and powered scooters to help people with mobility problems to access town centres. There are Shopmobility schemes in Ely (01353 666655, Thursday, Friday and Saturday) and Cambridge (01223 457452).


Do you like helping people?

Have a few hours to spare?

Hold a clean driving licence?

Then you could be just who we are looking for to provide essential transport for vulnerable people in your community.

All of the community car schemes welcome more volunteer drivers to help them provide transport for people who are unable to use conventional public transport. You will use your own car and be paid a mileage allowance.

Burwell Village Help - 01638 742543

East Cambs Social Car Service – 01353 666553

Newmarket Area Car Service - 01638 608049

Three Rivers Car Service - 07549 892322