Timetable and Next Steps

The Reserved Matters planning application for the new district leisure centre has been approved and the Council will decide whether to proceed with the project at a special Council meeting being held on 28th June 2016. At the meeting Members will be asked to approve the funding strategy for the project and appoint a contractor to design and build the facility and an operator to run it, subject to the Council securing funding for the project from Sport England.

There are only plans for the Council to close and replace the Paradise Swimming Pool as part of the new leisure centres development. No other leisure facility is planned for closure, as all of the facilities that will be provided within the new leisure centre are needed in addition to those currently provided.

The pool is currently under a management contract with Sports and Leisure Management Ltd (SLM) until July 2017. We will keep the current Paradise Swimming Pool open until the new district leisure centre is open to the public.


The planning application can be viewed via the Planning Portal

Key next steps:-

November  – January 2015Funding strategy development and risk management
January 29th 2015Corporate Governance and Finance Committee – Members to be provided with an update report on the funding strategy and risk management, and consider proceeding to the next stage of planning.
January 2015Members approved work to take the leisure centre project to RIBA stage C
March 2015RIBA stage C appraisal of site conditions and abnormals
End April 2015RIBA stage C structural form and layout
End May 2015RIBA stage C final report
May 26th - 1st June 2015Public exhibition and consultation
June 18th 2015Commercial Services Committee - sign off RIBA C Design Report
July - Aug 2015Appointment of a Quantity Surveyor to undertake cost and programme plan review
October 22nd 2015Full Council meeting - Appointment of team to lead procurement and detailed design work
March 2016

Submission of Reserved Matters Planning Application

Start of procurement process for contractor to design and build new district leisure centre

Start of procurement process for operator to run the new district leisure centre

June 2016

Special Council meeting - decision whether or not to proceed with the project

Submit Sport England funding application

July 2016

Decision expected from Sport England

Last updated March 2016