Report a Waste Collection Problem

Report a Missed Bin

Please check that your neighbours bins have been collected before reporting a missed bin, as the crew may not have serviced your area yet.  In the event of a genuine missed collection, please report this to us by the end of the next working day.

Report Flytipping

Fly-tipping will normally be removed from town centres/shopping streets by the end of the next working day and other areas within 3 working days. Sometimes, further investigation may be required, in which case it may take longer to remove.

Report a Dead Animal on the Highway

If you find a dead animal in the street or on any other public land, please contact us and we will remove the animal as quickly as we can.

The Council is not responsible for dead animals on private land.

Report Drug Paraphernalia

The Council is responsible for the removal of drug related items found in a public place during normal office hours.  If you have found drug related items, please contact customer services on 01353 665555 or complete this online form.  Do not touch the items or place them in a bin or toilet.

If you have discovered drug related items in a public place outside of normal office hours please contact the police on 0845 4564564.

Report a Full Bin

Litter bins in Ely, Littleport and Soham town centres are emptied daily.  Other villages and town outskirts are emptied on the normal refuse collection days.

Check Collection Days

Dog waste bins are serviced once a week throughout the district.

If you would like to report a full litter or dog waste bin, please complete this online form:

Report a Recycling Centre Problem

Please use this form to report a problem at any of the district's recycling centres, such as full bins, vandalism, flytipping etc.

Report Inappropriate Behaviour

Please use this form if you wish to submit a complaint about the behaviour of the waste collection or street cleansing staff:

Report Replacement Bags Not Left (Brown Sacks)

If you have not been left replacement brown sacks, please let us know using the form below.  Please note, that brown sacks are only available to those customers using the Alternative green waste collection service, rather than wheeled bins:

Report a Lost or Broken Wheeled Bin

If you have lost a recycling bin, or your recycling bin is broken, please let us know using the form below.  If your bin is broken, please leave it out for our waste operatives to collect.  We aim to deliver replacement bins within 14 days.

Report a Hazardous Spillage

If you wish to report a hazardous spillage on a road, please let us know using the form below.  If the problem is a major chemical or fuel spillage, please contact the Fire Brigade on 01480 444500.

Report a Waste Collection Spillage

If you wish to report a spillage from a waste collection vehicle, please let us know using the form below.  Your report will be passed to our waste operatives who will aim to clear the spillage as soon as possible.